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    Detailed description:

    According to scientists, a person should eat 20% of the daily norm of calories for breakfast and 25% of the daily norm of calcium for breakfast, and therefore, breakfast is considered to be the most important stage of food intake.

    People often refuse breakfast in order to lose weight, but this is where they make the mistake that a balanced, well-chosen breakfast is an essential part of a healthy diet ‼‼

    In the morning the body is still half asleep, at this time the process of metabolism is slowed down and it is necessary to have food that will revive us and increase our energy.

    Breakfast should contain both vitamins and proteins as well as carbohydrates.

    That is why a healthy breakfast "Granolino" was created, which you can take with dairy products (sour, yogurt, kefir, milk).

    A good breakfast is an effective start to the day.

    Granolino • გრანოლინო