Terms And Conditions

This document is the terms and conditions for using the happykids.ge website.

This document is a mutually binding contract signed between the customer and Hefikids LLC.

The terms and conditions of using the Happykids.ge website, along with the amendments made to it and other regulations of Happykids.ge, represent a single document and should be considered a single contract signed with the user.

By registering on the website, the user accepts and acknowledges these terms and conditions, privacy policy, and return and exchange rules and agrees to be bound by them.

If you do not agree with (or cannot comply with) the Agreements, you may not use our Services, but please notify us by email. To info@happykids.ge so that we can find a solution to the current situation. These Terms apply to all visitors, users, and others wishing to access the Services.

In case of additional questions, complaints, or requests, the user can contact Happykids.ge via email. Happykids.ge team is ready to answer the customer's questions in detail.


Definition of Terms

The terms and definitions used in these terms and conditions shall have the meanings set forth below unless the context indicates otherwise:

Happykids.ge (from now on "we," "our," "website") - "Happykids" LLC was established following the laws of Georgia, identification code 440894784,

User - a legal entity or an individual who has reached the age of 18 (with legal capacity) and wants to purchase products posted on Happykids.ge.

User's consent - expressed consent to the user's familiarization with this document and the processing of their data.

Third party - any natural or legal person or public institution.

Direct marketing - offering goods and services through mail, phone calls, email, or any other means of telecommunication.

Registration - creating a personal account.

Account - personal page registered by the user on Happykids.ge.

Kwikshiferi LLC - a courier company that delivers products purchased on Happykids.ge to customers.

A subcontractor company of "Kwikcifer" LLC - a courier company that will deliver products to the customer based on the contract signed with "Kwikcifer" LLC.

By opening an account on the website, the user can purchase products posted on Happykids.ge.

Each order made by the user constitutes a separate purchase agreement, the parties of which are the authorized user of the website and "Hefikids" LLC. When placing an order, the subject of purchase, its cost, and place of delivery are generated.



To purchase products on Happykids.ge, you need to register on the website, for which it is necessary to fill out the registration form with the following data:

name and surname


Password to enter the system

The customer can register on the website during the product purchase and before the purchase.

Before purchase, registration/authorization takes place after the user selects "login" from the website's main menu.

Login/authorization is possible in the following ways:

Social network

With Google

By e-mail

The user confirms and warrants that:

the information indicated by him is complete and correct;

He is a person of legal capacity who has reached the age of 18;

will not use another person's identifying information for registration on the Happykids.ge website;

will not use the website to spread false information;

will not use the website to impersonate another company, company employee, or any other person;

will not violate the rights of another person by acting against the law and causing damage;

will not use a device, or a program, the purpose of which is to obtain information from the website and interfere with normal functioning;

will protect copyright and related rights, will not carry out unauthorized use, processing, and publication of information available on Happykids.ge: logo, pictogram, picture, graphic, image, patent, trademark, design, and any other kind of intellectual property, Happykids.ge- without the prior written consent of s;

will not use another user's account;

will not attempt to gain access to another user's authentication information;

will not carry out such an action that will endanger the proper functioning of Happykids.ge;

Will not perform any action prohibited by applicable law, this Agreement, and Happykids.GE's Privacy Policy.


Placement of orders and purchase of products by the customer

After the new user selects the product and places it in the virtual cart, it will be necessary to specify the following information: e-mail, name, mobile number, and address where he wants to receive the purchase.

To pay for Happykids.ge products, you will be redirected to the payment page. Before making the payment, the user must verify the address and contact information specified by him to ensure smooth delivery of the purchased products. In case of incorrect/incomplete address and contact information, the customer is responsible for the delay in product delivery.

Happykids.ge reserves the right to refuse or cancel a customer's order in case of suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal transactions.

After payment of the product fee by the user, the right of ownership of the purchased item is fully transferred to the user.

The customer can see the rules for exchanging and returning the purchased products on the return conditions page.


Terms and conditions of delivery of purchased products

The user declares his consent that the delivery of the products purchased by him will be carried out by "Kwikshiferi" LLC.

The parties to the supply contract are the customer and "Kwikshifer" LLC.

To provide courier services, Happykids.ge will provide "Kwiksifer" with general, personal confidential information about the user, particularly the user's name, surname, address, and phone number.

Happykids.ge delivers the products the user purchases to the courier company "Kwikshifer" LLC, a subcontractor company that transports the products to the specified address. Happykids.ge's responsibility ends when the products are handed over to the courier company. Product loss and damage risk are fully transferred to the courier service company.

The policy on processing and storing confidential information can be viewed by the user on the Privacy Policy page.


receiving service

The customer can receive the purchased products both on working and non-working days.

Products purchased by the user from the Happykids.ge website will be delivered under the following conditions:

The products in stock will be delivered to Tbilisi within 1-3 days, and the products that are not in stock and purchased by "advance order" will be provided following the conditions agreed upon at the time of ordering.

In large and small regions, products purchased from the Happykids.ge website are delivered in 3 - 5 working days, and in the case of mountainous areas, in 7 - 10 working days.

The customer pays the cost of the courier service following the price specified at the time of purchase, which depends on the place and time of delivery.


settlement rule

Payment is made only through cashless payment.

When placing an order, the user is redirected from the website to the payment page, where he indicates his card data. The settlement request is processed and confirmed by the bank.

Happykids.ge does not have access to both the payment page and the bank card data specified by the user.

A message containing relevant information appears on the screen if the settlement is completed.

After completing the payment, the user will receive a confirmation of the successful completion of the order in the e-mail he specified.


Closing a personal account and restricting the use

Suppose Happykids.ge believes that the user has violated these terms and conditions or has registered with false information. In that case, it is authorized to close access and limit the personal account use unilaterally based on a message sent to e-mail. The user should contact the Happykids.ge team in case of receiving a similar message.


Limitation of Liability

Happykids.ge ensures the development of appropriate defense mechanisms to the best of its ability. However, it is not responsible for unauthorized access to data protected on the platform, damage caused by third parties, or services offered by them to users.

By registering on the website, the User confirms that he is a capable person who has reached the age of 18 and uses the website of his own free will and risk.

Happykids.ge is not responsible for the website, or services will be permanently available to the User and do not guarantee that the website will not have software bugs, viruses, and any other errors.

Happykids.ge takes full responsibility for the damage caused by negligence and those cases when the information necessary for user authorization became known to a third party.

The company disclaims full responsibility for any damage and interruption caused by the participation of third parties - internet providers, mobile companies, and other interrupted work.


Restrictions on the use of the website

Information on the website may be changed or removed without prior notice. Happykids.ge will not provide the User with the kind of service it believes is against the applicable legislation.

The User is prohibited from using the website for illegal purposes, including unauthorized access to Happykids. GE's systems, improper use of information on the website, or any other action that may directly or indirectly harm Happykids. He's legally protected interests.



During registration on the website, the User agrees to subscribe to advertising, promotional materials, services, products, and services of interest to the User. In case of consent, the User will receive website news, various offers, and information via e-mail.

The User can refuse to receive information about marketing activities anytime by sending a message to Happykids. GE's e-mail.



These Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon the User's acceptance and remain in effect until the User's account is canceled.

The validity of this document can be terminated in the cases provided for by the legislation of Georgia and this rule, as well as at the User's initiative, at any time after the full payment of any debt (if any) to Happykids. Age at the time of termination.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Procedure

These terms and conditions are governed and interpreted following the applicable laws of Georgia.

The parties agree that in the event of a dispute, they will try to resolve the disagreement through negotiation. In case of the impossibility of completing the talks, the parties have the right to apply to the Tbilisi City Court.

The invalidity of any part of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the invalidity of any other factor.


Changes and additions

Happykids.ge reserves the right to make changes and additions to this document at any time, unilaterally, by publishing it on the same website without the further additional consent of the User. After making changes/additions, Happykids.ge considers the User's continued website use as the User's comments.