How to choose baby clothes?
Deciding to buy baby clothes is not so simple. In addition to the clothes should be beautiful, we should take into account its comfort, safety and quality. We should also not forget the budget, which often plays a crucial role. Children usually need a lot of clothes. One is that they are growing up and what they did well in the spring may not fit in the fall. On the other hand, they can not and do not take care of the clothes and throw them away quickly, and frequent washing damages the fabric. It often happens that the pants or sweater will be so small that you will not wear them once. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. What should we consider before selling baby clothes? Here are some tips to help you shop and make decisions. 1. Make sure the quality of the fabric. This is especially important in infancy, although cotton clothing is also recommended for older children as they have sensitive skin. The cotton fabric is soft, "breathes" and absorbs sweat. In winter, wool and wool clothes, which are also considered to be high quality materials, are warm and natural. 2. Choose practical clothes - one that is machine washable. Beautiful and fashionable does not necessarily mean impractical. Manufacturers of baby clothes have long considered the involvement of parents and the choice in this regard is huge. 3. Buy oversized clothing. Primarily because some fabrics, such as cotton, tighten after washing and shrink slightly in size. In addition, children grow up fast. If the clothes will be 1-2 sizes bigger, the baby will adjust it soon, and you will save money and increase the time before the next shopping. 4. Avoid multi-detail clothing. It is better for baby clothes to have a simple design and easy dressing, because often parents have to change the baby in extreme conditions. In such cases, it is important to open the fastener easily. 5. Choose brightly colored clothes. You may want to give your girl a light, soft, pastel-colored outfit, but remember, you are still responsible for changing your baby's porridge. Determine the color of the clothes according to the baby's skin and hair color. Maybe more than pink will turn your brunette girl red. Avoid overly dark clothing. While the black coat is easy to wear, it is better for the child to opt for sharp colors. And by the way, if you ask them, they will probably like the cut as well. 6. Buy baby clothes. Often parents want their children to look like their copies and buy clothes in a style and model that will only be acceptable for fame. Remember that childhood is coming soon, and glory is ahead. Your child will always be able to dress the way you do. As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing children's clothing: from the color of the clothes to the quality of the fabric. While baby fashion is almost as big and growing in the industry as fame and parents are influenced by the trends spread on the internet, ultimately the main criterion when buying baby clothes is still quality and comfort. Obviously, every child deserves one or two French shirts or dresses for special occasions. Children's products are not produced by many companies or brands in Georgia. Their number, fortunately, is growing day by day. Recently, many small entrepreneurs and social enterprises have appeared, which offer quality, beautiful and comfortable products to Georgian consumers. Many of them did not have the opportunity for full-fledged online shopping, however, since HAPPYKIDS.GE appeared on the market, a digital sales space has been created for such brands and entrepreneurs. Customers were given the opportunity to go shopping without leaving home and, at the same time, to promote local production.

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